Human Resource

The Gangar Eyenation business is all about people wherein the people directly impact its functioning, the brand and the actual delivery of services, apart from being a key cost of the business. An HR, therefore, becomes a critical business partner which is expected to shape the strategic thinking and approach to managing the people in the edifice of Gangar Eye Nation.

We at HR take pride in making a real impact on the careers and well-being of our people, and ensuring Gangar Eye Nation is one of the best place to work.

Our department is a support system responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, skills development, Competency Mapping, devising Compensation and Benefit programs, Employee Engagement, Performance Appraisal, and over all Organizational Development which includes meeting the various compliance as per government regulations.

We recruit top talent, develop our employees, promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, influence organizational design and promote operational efficiency. Above all, we drive business through our greatest asset: our people.

Join us as we pursue our ultimate ambition—to be the best place to Work.